Ever wander how to prevent the sun and digital devices from damaging your eyes?

Did you know that harmful blue lights is at the forefront of public concern with all the use of digital devices?  Did you also know that our primary exposure to harmful blue-light comes from the sun?  Yes the sun is 100 times more exposure to blue-light then digital devices.

Light is a major environmental factor of human development.  Blue-lights are a high- energy visible light.  It is important to say that not all blue-light is harmful.  We need the light turquoise blue-light because of its benefits.  That blue-light is found on the 460-485 nanometer wave -length.  


Worldwide the count of people with Age-Related Macular Degeneration was 196 million in 2020, increasing 45% in 2040 to 288 million.  More Research needs to be done regarding the link between Macular Degeneration and Blue-Light.  Here is what we do know, blue light from the sun scatters through the atmosphere causing the sky to turn blue, glare is caused by the light scatter, the result is visual discomfort and fatigue.  Depending on the time of day 25-30% of outdoor visible light is blue-light.

The best protections from the harmful rays of the blue-light from the sun are yellow and brown lenses because they filter out more of the blue-light.  These can be found in polarized lenses and transition lenses. Transition lenses give you a 20% filter indoors, and 85% filter outdoors. Another helpful source to add to either of those is anti-reflection.  Anti-reflection lenses that are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful blue-filters can give you up to another 20% more filter. 

Moral of the story is to wear your tinted lenses especially outside, and opt in for the Anti Reflective lenses that have the blue-light filter.  Unplug from your devices a couple hours before bedtime because the blue light from them makes inhibits your melatonin that we need to rest.  Protect your vision!  You only get one set of eyes.

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