Well, Hello May!

We have been busy at The Nestled Home. It seems this summer is going
to be a super busy time for people downsizing and moving to the North
Georgia area. This is just a short list of services we are offering here

@The Nestled Home. We are specialize in Senior Move Services.


Professional Estate Clearing Services


You have been given the task of clearing out an estate or downsizing a family
member and need help.
Families, attorneys, accountants, fiduciaries, and executors  can trust The
Nestled Home to manage and guide them during this necessary transition. We
are highly skilled and compassionate team players with expert knowledge,
insights, experience, and long-term relationships with local vendors.

Professional Estate Clearing For You and
Your Family

We understand the sensitive position the death of a loved one puts you in.
That’s why we’ll work closely with you to develop a plan that suits everyone in
your family. Then, we’ll implement it with the precision and care that it

The following is a sample list of the services we can custom tailor to meet your
specific needs knowledgeably, responsibly, and in a timely manner:
• Creating a digital inventory of all household contents
• Sorting through all personal belongings
• Inventory, evaluation, and distribution of charitable donations
• Managing all necessary packing, moving, shipping, and storage
• Locate and organize vital documents and important papers
• Arrange for house cleaning and repairs
• Prepare house for real estate showing