Relocating My Mom

About 5 years ago we relocated my mother to a 55 and older apartment community very near my home.  We struggled a couple of years with the idea before making the decision.  It had just came to a point that she could no longer keep up with the maintenance of her own place, she had trouble with remembering to pay her utility bills, and we were working so much that we didn’t have the time to keep it up either.

  So after a lot of prayer, and thought we talked it through with her, the decision we all made was to relocate our senior mom and we moved her into a nice community that she could take walks, meet new people to socialize with, and like I said earlier, the move has made her very close to my home as well as my work.  She chooses not to walk very much or socialize very much with others, but her chronic illness coupled with Covid has not made that any easier this past year.  A big plus has been I get to see her everyday at lunch and after work since she is just 5 minutes from me.  Which I love!

What Happened Next

Relocating my senior mom was the best decision for her that we could have ever made.  She has a nice 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment, and her own balcony overlooking all kinds of nature.  All of this nestled right in the middle of all the grocery stores and shopping stores that we could ever need.  We don’t have to worry about cutting the grass, changing the vents, paying taxes or home maintenance.  It’s all taken care of for her.

Relocating my mom had been on my heart heavy for several years before we finally made the decision to relocate her closer to us.  If you are like us and struggle with what to do I encourage you to pray about it.  Contact us at or 706-974-0775 for Spring 2021 moving and estate sale free quotes.

We do miss the Hydrangea Bush at the old home place though.

Mom’s New Living Room Rug and Mom sitting out on the bench outsider her apartment.