When you think of The Nestled Home you make think like I do or you may have a
completely different thought of what “The Nestled Home” means. Nestled is past
tense and when looked up in the dictionary or if you Google the word, “Nestled” you
will find the following.
“ verb (used with object),
nes·tled, nes·tling.
to put or press confidingly or affectionately: She nestled her head on his
shoulder. to provide with or settle in a nest, as a bird.”

Now that we have the dictionary description of “nestled”, what do you think of
when you hear the name, The Nestled Home? When I think of the name, I think
of taking care of someone, and making sure they have what they need as a
human right. My son asked me the other night if I thought food was a right? I
quickly said, yes! I believe it is a human right, and I’m not trying to start a
political debate. It’s my opinion, and we are entitled to our opinions in The United

I’m a daughter, wife and mother of two adult children were I try to keep our lives
as nestled the best I can, but 2020 certainly made that challenging for many of us
didn’t it? We all made a lot of changes in 2020, but we are figuring out ways to
think outside of the box to make things happen, right? Did you find yourself
having to constantly pivot and make many lifestyle transitions during 2020?

The year of 2020 will be a year we all will remember because it was the year of
Covid, the terrible pandemic that many people sadly lost their lives, got very sick,
and many are still facing life pivots from this awful pandemic today.

I’m a caretaker of my aging mother who despite all of my efforts to keep her safe in
2020…. she did get Covid at Thanksgiving, and she was very ill for a while. We
still are not sure how that happened, but it was a scary time for sure! Thankfully
with lots of prayer, Vitamin D, and Zinc she is doing okay now.

2020 for me is not just about the pandemic though. It’s also the year both of my
beautiful kiddos got engaged to the love of their lives. We are so happy for them,
and I cannot wait to see all their beautiful lives begin! The two of my most prize
possessions that I have been nestling for the last 26 and 24 years are leaving the
nest this year. Empty nesting is hitting me hard this year ya’ll. Anyone else

That’s the thing about having your children close in age. It’s great when they are
little, but it’s even more beautiful as they grow up. They are so close it’s like they
are each other’s best friends for life. My two do everything it seems in sync from
all the baby things to driving, to college, to gainful employment, to engagement,
and building their new homes now to move into soon.

I thought I had a nestled home, until I didn’t. Not now. I mean from my
childhood all throughout life. Life pivots sometimes and you wake up one
morning in a new direction. Then you get that figured out, and time passes by
until you wake up again to find you have to pivot once again to a new direction.
So friends, I’m not here to promote a business like I have the perfect “Nestled
Home” because I don’t, and I really never have. But, if you have a perfect
Nestled Home, that is wonderful! I’m completely happy for you. If you’re like me,
and you don’t or you never have then please join the journey as I roll out “The
Nestled Home in 2021.

So what is “The Nestled Home” about you might ask? The Nestled Home is first
and foremost a lifestyle blog about my personal values God, and Family. My life
has from a very young age consisted of prayer. I don’t claim to have had a
perfect walk with God, but scripture says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of
wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10 KJV
I’m a work in progress. God the father has always been a consistent in my life,
although, there where times that I was certainly not very deserving.

My family means everything to me too. My roles have pivoted a little more over
the last decade as I have become more of a caretaker of my mother, and my
children are in transition of flying out of the nest. As you get older that happens,
and that’s what we work towards all those years we nurture them so their ready
to leave the nest one day.

With “The Nestled Home” I try to inspire you to never forget we are all a work in
progress. I will also talk a lot about aging, and I will advocate for the aging
population along with the caretakers for the aging population. Often caretakers
are the family of loved ones who have at least one chronic illness that has left
them needing various types of assistance as they transition through the aging

The Nestled Home will also have a business side of it that has home décor for
sale. We are gearing up for online estate sales with auction-or location estate
sale option, and a senior manager service with various assistance available
including life transitions of moving. Stay tuned for more to come. Please follow
www.thenestledhome.com or email us @thenestledhomeconnection@gmail.com
with any questions.