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Welcome to our Estate Sales Blog. We wanted to develop a place that people could come to learn more about the process. 
We give families peace of mind during life transitions by minimizing stress. From Relocating, Downsizing, Estate Sales or Online Auction’s,our compassionate experts at The Nestled Home will help you right-size your belongings with the utmost respect.

What we do:

• Locate, organize and sort personal belongings

• Assist in hiring the best movers, ensuring your possessions are carefully packed and unpacked

• Stage your belongings in your new home, helping ease transition anxiety

• Assist you in downsizing and decluttering your possessions using a variety of options

• Refresh your current home as needed by coordinating and managing our professional partners (painters, electricians, plumbers, realtors, etc.), as needed (helping to ensure you receive the highest sale price possible)

Thanks for checking out our Estate Sales Blog!