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Here is a little background about, The Nestled Home. We moved four times in less than 5 years (husband is a licensed contractor), and we moved my seventy-three year old mother twice during that time as well.  We did all of this while having two teenagers in the home, and while I was going back to school to get a degree in Gerontology.  

Life during the first move or two was crazy.  Our kids were going off to college, and we were getting them settled.  All the while getting ourselves settled.  So even before we started our business, The Nestled Home, I guess you could say we gained a few tips for a stress-free move.  

Good News

Good News: Though we had some tried and true moments it took some learning curves to get were we are today.  There are quite a few things you can do before moving day that will help eliminate as much stress as possible, and help you keep your sanity.

Identify what you love.  Focus on what you really love rather then what you want to get rid of during a move.  Then by default, everything else needs a new home.  This is where The Nestled Home respectfully does the planning and executing of your moving seniors creating a seamless stress-free experience for you. 

Purging.  Sometimes things just need to be purged. It helps to gather like items together.  For example, if you have a lot of books from all your bookcases put them all together in one room so you can see what you have.  You may not realize you had so many until you see something all together.  Once you have purged, then it’s time to pack.

My favorite part-mark what’s in each box and the room It goes in.  Clearly labeling them will make the unloading from the moving truck so much easier and efficient.  Number the bedrooms and boxes so that they correspond.  Another fun thing to do is if you like colors you could color- code them as well.

Rank the boxes in priority order.  Rank the boxes in order  by listing them as, 1st, 2nd, 3rd ect…  You don’t want to spend hours unpacking Christmas items from boxes, especially if your move is in January.  Instead, put 3rd on that Christmas box or even 5th, but get 1st marked on your main essentials like the coffee pot or the toothbrush.   

Document Photos.  Have you ever taken something apart, and forget how to get it back together.  You can waste hours of precious time trying to recall how something goes together.  Take photos friends!  Document on your phone with photos of how it looked, and what wires connect to what.


Get Essential Bags For Each Family Member.  When moving without a Senior Move Manager like The Nestled Home you may want to put together some clothes, medications, toiletries, and other miscellaneous items for the first couple of days or week while you’re unpacking.  

Overwhelmed Yet?  Senior Move Managers can do all this for you.  Yes, that’s right!  Your trusty senior move managers at The Nestled Home can manage your move from start to finish while you remain stress free spending time with your family, and doing the things you enjoy.

Make A List Of What You Need To Do When.  Don’t forget to call the power- company, phone- company, post office, gas- company, and cable -company to let everyone know of your move, and your new address.

Another Favorite Plan Where Furniture Goes Ahead Of Time.  Don’t wait until the movers get to your home before you decide where your beautiful pieces of furniture will go.  Wall spaces and Furniture pieces all have to be carefully measured.  This process is such an important step.  We all know once that stuff is off the truck and put in place it’s not going anywhere anytime soon when that moving truck leaves

The Nestled Home can have you ready on moving day, and relieve you of all the stress in planning your moving seniors.  We will have you organized, have your house cleaned, and de-cluttered before moving day.  You don’t want to be still packing when the moving trucks show up.  You want to be at the other end when the moving trucks show up with all your beautiful worldly possessions that you love.  

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