Too many Christmas Decorations with The Nestled Home?

Learn how to organize your Christmas Decorations!

  • One way to tell if you are like me and have too many Christmas decorations is if you don’t have enough space to put them all out in your nest.
  • If you have duplicate decorations sitting around collecting dust in your nest.
  • If you have multiple bins that haven’t made it up from the basement since your kids left the nest.

Now it’s time to pick a style for your nest at Christmas time.  Are you traditional, modern, or maybe even farmhouse?  

Next, it’s time to pick the colors that best go with your nest décor.

Hold up!  Don’t have any regrets!  Hang on to all those sentimental Christmas decorations that have important dates or meanings.

Places to get rid of extra, unwanted Christmas decorations are your local” buy nothing group” on Facebook, Goodwill, and Salvation Army.

Now you know how to Organize Christmas Decorations!